A trecut muuuuuuuuuuuulta vreme de cand nu vi-am mai aratat ce carti noi am mai adaugat in biblioteca, mai exact de prin februarie cred, asa ca azi va arat tot ce am strans de pe atunci :)) Sunt cateva carti…:))

De pe Libris am comandat manualul de jurnalism pentru facultate.

De la Libris am primit spre recenzie:

Semnul (Recenzia AICI)

Eve: Sacrificiul (Recenzia AICI)

Spulbera-ma (Recenzia AICI)

De pe Elefant am profitat de promotiile de acum cateva luni si am achizitionat Gazda si Damnare

Am facut schimb de carti cu Ioana de pe blogul Umbra Dragostei si am primit „Eu sunt numarul 4”

De la librarie am achizitionat:

Altfel de ingeri (Recenzia AICI)

Tradari (Recenzia AICI)


Am profitat de ofertele de la Leda si am achizitionat:

Pachetul Academia Vampirilor

Pachetul Georgina Kincaid

Pachetul „Instrumente Mortale”

Cu revista Bravo am achizitionat:

Continuarea seriei „Jurnalele lui Stefan”

Seria Fetele Gallagher

Primul volum din seria „Academia Vampirilor”

Din strainate am primit:

Royal Street de la Suzanne Johnson

Inked Magic de la Jory Strong

The Syndicate de la Shelena Shorts

Mark of the Witch de la Maggie Shayne

Voi ce a-ti mai primit/cumparat?:)



1.-Welcome Maggie! Thank you so much for stopping by. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you like to do when you’re not writing?

Hi, Sergio.  Thank you so much for having me as a guest on your fabulous blog. I just love what you’ve done with the place.  So about me, well, I’ve written everything from daytime television (soap operas) to a newspaper advice column, but my favorite thing is writing novels and short stories where love triumphs over all.  In my spare time I enjoy the outdoors, kayaking, jogging.  I also practice witchcraft for real, read tarot cards, do some informal life coaching and of course I love to read.

2.- What was your biggest source of inspiration before and while writing the Portal series?

I’ve always to write about real witches practicing real magic.  And I’ve always been fascinated by the civilizations of ancient Mesopotamia, particularly Sumer and Babylon.  I’ve studied about them for years now, since the mid-nineties.  So combining these two loves seemed like a natural progression.

3.-How many books do you plan on writing for the Portal series? Do you have a set plotline/ending in sight or are you just seeing where the characters and the story take you?

For now, there are three full length novels and the shorter prequel.

LEGACY OF THE WITCH (prequel, ebook only)




4.- Who is your favorite character, and who do you think will be/has been the most challenging for you to write?

In this series, my favorite character is Indira.  I love her sassy, sarcastic attitude and her struggle to quit smoking, one I’ve been through myself, many many times before I finally was able to kick the habit.  I smoked vicariously through her as I wrote those scenes.

Most challenging in this series was the hero of BLOOD OF THE SORCERESS, Demetrius. A most unusual character. I had to figure out to convince him to trade immortality and invulnerability for mortality and the ability to experience the human senses and emotions fully.  It was a tough sell.

5.- If you had to describe Mark of the Witch in three words, what would they be and why?

Inspired. Because once I got the notion clear in my mind, the story flowed as if on its own. I love when that happens.

Honest. Because I was adamant about being factual with the practices of the witches in the story.

Personal. Because it delves into some of my most deeply held spiritual truths. (Disclaimer: my truths are not necessarily true for anyone but me.)

6.- Would you tell us some quick fun facts about the Portal series as well as what we can expect from the books (romance, action, etc.)?

In MARK OF THE WITCH the hero and heroine are a Witch and a Priest. I wanted a Catholic priest, but my publisher wouldn’t quite let me go that far into controversial territory. Just know that to me, that’s who Tomas is/was.

In DAUGHTER OF THE SPELLCASTER I was inspired by the 1968 film Rosemary’s Baby. I watched it several times during the writing of the book and tried to capture that eerie feeling. My editor felt I succeeded.

In BLOOD OF THE SORCERESS I had no idea who one of the side characters really was until I got almost to the end of the first draft, and then had to change everything to accommodate this new twist. And it really was a twist!

I like action in my books.  I don’t write a lot of sex. In fact, I enjoy the attraction, desire, resistance play that happens as they get closer and closer to finally making love, far more than I enjoy detailed descriptions of the sex act.  I almost never include more than one or two sex scenes per book. It’s not about sex to me. Romance is about love, about finding your true love and about overcoming every obstacle in order to be with him.

7.- What are you reading right now and what book(s) have you had your eye on lately but haven’t gotten to read yet?

I’m still reading Anne Rice’s latest, The Gift of the Wolf. I am dying to read The Hunger Games which others have raved about.

8.- If you were given the option to be able to look into the future, would you take it? Why or why not?

I believe we create the future. Every time I sit and worry over something that might happen, I’m creating it.  So I don’t do that.  Every time I sit and think about something wonderful that might happen, I’m creating it. So I do a lot of that.

9.- Did you ever want to be a mystical creature?

I’m a witch.  Card carrying, pedigreed, lineaged Wiccan High Priestess, legal clergy, Elder, founder of a branch of the faith.  To some, I already am a mystical creature.  Though I really wish my broomstick would actually fly.

10.- Who are your favorite authors? And books?

Anne Rice: best title: THE MUMMY or RAMSES THE DAMNED (that’s the title, one book)

Stephen King. Everything the man writes is golden.

Anne Stuart: Night of the Phantom is my fave of hers but I love them all.

Emma Cane: Her Valentine, Colorado Series is a favorite of mine right now, very country, down home (not paranormal) type books.

Heather Graham, Teresa Medeiros, Sandra Brown, Christina Dodd: these are the writers I always always read, everything they release, every single time.

11.- Would you like to say something to your Romanian fans?

I think the place I most want to visit in all the world is Romania.  When I ended (and I use the term loosely) my Wings in the Night series with the final pair of books, TWILIGHT PROPHECY and TWILIGHT FULFILLED, my vampire family had to go into hiding and allow the world to believe they had been exterminated. The place they went was Romania, because who’s going to really believe there are vampires there? It’s too expected, too cliche. Any vampire sightings coming from Romania would be discounted. (I don’t know if you know it there, but the idea of vampires in Romania is about as common as the idea of leprechauns in Ireland. So if someone said, “No, there really ARE leprechauns in Ireland!” they would not be taken seriously. It’s a cliche. So that’s where my beloved vamps are hiding out.  In Romania.  I will bring them out of hiding someday, and when I do, I’m going to need your help. I’m going to need to be able to feel as if I’ve been there, seen it, even before I have. I have to feel the energy of Romania in order to be able to really write about it.  So if you locals would like to help me, send me pictures, post them on my Facebook page or email them to me, tell me your stories, tell about where you live and what it’s like there. Make me feel as I’ve visited your homeland. I would SO enjoy that, and can use what I learn later one, when I someday revisit my vampire series.


Thank you so much for this interview, Maggie, it was a pleasure to have you here.

The pleasure was all mine!