The “Beautiful Disaster” movie is slowly but surely making its way to the big screen!


Jamie McGuire’s New York Times Bestselling Beautiful Disaster is slowly but surely making it’s way to the big screen! The book tells the story of Abby, a girl trying to escape her past by adopting a prim and proper look and lifestyle in college, whose plans are derailed when she begins falling for Travis MaddoxMaddox is a tattooed, motorcycle riding, bare knuckle fighting bad boy, with some issues of his own. He’s not only the talk of the university for his exploits with the ladies on campus, but also the cousin of Abby’s best friend America’s boyfriend (got all that?), which puts Abby right in his crosshairs. What happens next is an addictive love story that had readers everywhere flipping pages as quickly as they could to find out the fate of these beautifully flawed characters.

Many are calling Beautiful Disaster the next Fifty Shades of Grey, partially because of the troubled romance aspect and partly because of the book’s evolution from self publishing to bestseller, but in my opinion the similarities end there. Where Fifty Shades of Grey is all “inner goddess” and where will “it” happen next, most of the excitement in Beautiful Disaster comes from the romance and build up to the steam; perhaps that’s why both Warner Bros and CBS Films were originally trying to get their hands on the rights to Beautiful Disaster, which will undoubtedly be easier to adapt into feature film than Fifty Shades.

Warner Bros won the rights bidding war and both a producer and screenwriter are already attached to the film. Donald De Line, whose credits include I Love You ManGreen Lantern, and Michael Bay’s latest, Pain and Gain, is reportedly set to produce and Julia Hart has been hired to write the screenplay. Hart is also slated as screenwriter for The Keeping Room, a Civil War drama directed by Daniel Barber and starring Olivia Wilde and Hailee Steinfeld.

(Image Credit: Jamie McGuire)

Author Jamie McGuire

As of publication, there still isn’t any talk of a director being attached to theBeautiful Disaster film or any casting news, although there is no shortage of fan opinions on who should play the leading roles. We won’t know much about possible casting until more of the key players behind the movie’s creation are in place, but what we do know is some of the actors Jamie McGuire could see playing the parts. In an August 2012 interview with Maryse’s Book Blog,  McGuire said she didn’t have anyone in mind for the female lead Abby, but she did have an opinion on Travis, America, and Shepley! McGuire named actor Chris Hemsworth as her “first choice” for Travis after seeing his performances in Thorand The Avengers going as far as to say, “Chris could definitely nail the fierce and soft sides of Travis in a way few actors could.” As for best friend America, McGuire thought actress Britney Snow would be “fantastic” and Cam Gigandet would be “the perfect” Shepley.



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