Hey, am avut oportunitatea de a sta de vorba cu Julie Cassar, autoarea romanului „Ruby Blue” care l-am prezentat mai jos. Pot sa spun ca este o persoana deosebita si a acceptat sa ne acorde un interviu pentru blog. Sper sa va placa 🙂

  • Hi Julie, thank you so much for stopping by. At the beginning tell us something about you.

My background is in fine art and I have worked as a graphic designer and painter. I am a mother of three and for the past ten years have worked part time as a legal assistant. In between family, work, painting, photography and writing, I recently started running and ran my first half-marathon in October 2011. I love coffee, ice cream, wine, chocolate, really good pizza and dancing at the local pub (not necessarily all at the same time! Haha!) I’m pretty much an all-around optomistic goofball. 

  • “Ruby Blue” is your debut young adult novel, tell us something about the book, how the story came out in your mind?

I’ve actually had this story in my head for about six or seven years. It’s hard to remember exactly how it came to me because it’s been with me for so long. I started to really love gardening (like my mom) about 10 years ago… and I have always been drawn to the magic of fairies. After my son was born in 2004, as I worked in the garden, I began to get the ideas for this story. I always thought it would be a children’s book, then, I realized that the story I wanted to tell was a bit more mature… and out came Ruby Blue. It’s a YA fantasy/romance book about your average teenager, who is constantly being annoyed by her little brother, is best friends with possibly the only Goth kid in town, and she has a secret… she can see fairies. After possibly the hottest guy she’s ever known finally asks her out, she can barely manage a two-word sentence when a series of bizarre incidents strike their lakeside town. As an ancient myth unfolds, Ruby and her friends must tackle some extraordinary circumstances with her very ordinary abilities.

  • What was your biggest source of inspiration when you first started to write “Ruby Blue”?

The belief that fairy tales can come true, that we can create our own magic, that miracles happen every day, and my kids… my kids are a huge inspiration to me. 

  • Who are the authors that inspire you on writing the book?

Stephanie Meyer, MaryJanice Davidson, Brent Crawford, JK Rowling and Rose Pressey

  • How does it feel to have your story out there after, I can only imagine a lot of hard work?

It feels amazing. What is more exciting is that every new reader I get and every new review that’s posted is a huge rush. It’s fantastic! I love that people are enjoying something I’ve created. The feeling is indescribable. I just hope that people continue to read it, and spread the word. 

  • Who is your favorite character and why?

Oh gosh! This is a tough one! I actually love all four of the main characters… During this process, I really have fallen in love with them and each of them have a special place with me. They each have their own unique personality traits that I’ve based on people I know and love in my own life… To pick just one is just too hard!

  • Do you have a chapter that you really enjoy writing it?

I loved writing the chapter about the adventure golf place (it was fun) and I loved writing the last chapter. There was something very satisfying about coming to the end and tying up all of the pieces. 

  • What are you reading right now and what book/books have you had your eye on lately but haven’t gotten to read yet?

I am currently reading a paranormal romance called “Ghouls Night Out” by Rose Pressey and I just finished a Horror/Suspense book called “Asylum Lake,” by R.A. Evans. “The Hungers Games” is on my list to read! I feel terrible that I haven’t read it yet. 

  • Would you like to say something to your fans from Romania?

I would love to thank you all for the interview opportunity and for reading this blog. I hope everyone in Romania decides to check out my book! I’d be honored and flattered to have you read it and let me know what you think. I love to hear from readers…especially if they enjoyed my story! 

Thanks for stopping by, Julie! It was a pleasure having you 🙂

Mai jos va las cateva link-uri spre cartea ei.

Iar mai jos va las un mic trailer al cartii:

22 de gânduri despre “INTERVIU CU JULIE CASSAR

  1. Mi-a placut interviul 😀 Nu mai auzisem de carte. O sa o retin 😀 Pare foarte interesanta. Pe gustul meu 😀 Mi-a placut ce raspunsuri a dat autoarea la multe intrebari. Really nice to hear that she sontrgly belives in fairytales ❤

  2. Eu lucrez cu sotul ei la un spital in Michigan. Tocmai a lansat cartea a doua. Sincer nu am citit prima carte. Cineva a zis ca ar fi bine sa apara cartea si in Romania. Cartea se poate downloada de pe dar este in engleza. Mai este cineva in Romania care nu stie engleza? Vorbesc de generatia sub 40 de ani?

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